20+ Organic Sweet White Alpine Strawberry Seeds (Fragaria vesca)

20+ Organic Sweet White Alpine Strawberry Seeds (Fragaria vesca)

20+ Organic Sweet White Alpine Strawberry Seeds (Fragaria vesca)

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The White Alpine Strawberries are one of the most expensive to purchase. This  wonderful variety is not often seen in the supermarkets as it is a a bit of a rare gem.

The flavour is sweet & delicious and is best described as a sweet strawberry flavour with a hint of pineapple, which gives them a bit of a tropical fruit flare. If you grow these, they may not make it to the fridge as it is too tempting to pop them straight into your mouth while harvesting - Probably why they are rare at the supermarket :)

They are a lot tastier than the large, commercially grown strawberries that seem to have been grown for size, rather than flavour. Unlike common strawberries the Alpine varieties do not create runners that may take over your garden, they grow in small clumps that can be easily divided to make more plants. This variety is compact and ideal for hanging pots or edges of garden beds, they also double as a pollinator and display cute white flowers in spring.

Easy to grow from seed and frost hardy once established, the White Alpine Strawberry is perfect all-rounder for the backyard garden. The fruit is a little smaller than many other strawberry varieties and prefer a spot where they will get some shade from the hot afternoon sun. Often this variety will produce fruit in 

the first 12 months from growing from seed! 



Step 1

Sowing can be done in Spring as the weather starts to warm, but for quicker fruiting start them indoors in a warm, well lit area. Sow seeds onto the surface of seed raising mix rich in compost in either seed  trays or small pots and cover with a little more soil very lightly to ensure they get plenty of light. Moisten gently with a mist spray and then move to a well lit position.

Germination time can be a little slow and sporadic, ranging from from 2-6 weeks but once they germinate, they grow quite quickly. If started indoors during winter they will be ready to transplant early-mid spring - help them adjust to outdoors once the weather starts to warm by taking the tray/pots outdoors a little more each day until they are ready for transplant.

Ideal germination temperatures are 15-18°C/60-75°F 


Step 2

Keep the soil moist during the entire germination period, but not wet & boggy/Seedlings can be transplanted if needed once three leaves are growing. Do not transplant outdoors while they are babies until any chance of frost has passed, then they can be moved directly into the ground.


Step 3

Once established, will require regular watering and daily checking through summer when flowering and fruiting occurs. They will appreciate  some composting and some organic fertilser during this period. Alpine Strawberries take between 12-18 months to bear fruit when grown from seed, depending on how / when they were started.



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Fast delivery and excellent quality bags. Thanks team!

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Great quality product, very durable and perfect for growing we'll have heaps of spuds for New Year's.

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Love these bags! Very good cannot wait to see how many potatoes I will end up with.

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