10 x Freshly Pruned Succulent Cuttings Starter Pack

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10 x Freshly Pruned Succulent Cuttings Starter Pack

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Keep Calm and Grow Succulents 🌱

 We have picked the top 10 easy-grown succulents for starters in this pack. It includes Echeveria, Sempervivum, Sedum Rubrotinctum (jelly bean) and Jade (fine Leaved), etc. There might be new cuttings included from time to time. Some of the cuttings in the photo are not available in some seasons. If we have excess cuttings that day, you might get more than 10 as a bonus. Some cuttings look very very similar but they are not repeats. You will notice the difference when they grow bigger.

This bundle is perfect for succulents starters...

So if you expect full-size plants with roots or rare plants or something really special, this is not the package for you. If you order more than one pack, you are getting the same 10 cuttings in each pack, not 20 different ones, and so on......

These are the cuttings from succulents that have branches or little baby plants. Some cuttings are larger than others depending on the size of the mother plants and month of the year.

Some cuttings won't have stems due to the shape of the succulents (push the whole cutting into the soil while planting).

Also, cuttings show slightly different colors in different seasons, usually more greenish in Winter. Cuttings are a bit smaller in winter in general. The main picture was taken in the summer. All our cuttings grow in outdoor environments so they are super tough and do show a bit of natural imperfections from time to time. Overwatering or mealybugs can kill succulents.

You can kill bugs with alcohol (dab with a cotton swab) or spray with isopropyl (from hardware shops or Bunnings). There is so much we can do with succulents - small rock garden, hanging basket, pots arrangement, Christmas wreath, wall garden, and gift ideas etc. You can plant cuttings in pots or just plant in the ground. Cuttings will grow roots in about one month. All the above photos are from the succulent garden. The photo (taken in summer) has more than 20 different varieties but you only get 20 with this succulent listing. The basket is not included.
What you receive may differ from the images shown.


Succulent Specific Shipping Times

Plants usually will be posted each Monday or Tuesday to maintain the integrity of the plants during transit e.g. we want to make sure as much as possible that the plants are not in the post over the weekend.

***Delivery will be delayed if wet days or public  holidays. 



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Fast delivery and excellent quality bags. Thanks team!

Jane Townsend, Perth 🇦🇺

Great quality product, very durable and perfect for growing we'll have heaps of spuds for New Year's.

David Gullison, Darwin 🇦🇺

Exactly what I wanted-excellent time delivery. Will let my friends know about it.

Wendy Black, Gold Coast 🇦🇺

Love these bags! Very good cannot wait to see how many potatoes I will end up with.

Jessica Williamson, Geelong 🇦🇺
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