WORMCAST ULTRA Pellets - High Performance Organic Worm Fertiliser (500g)

WORMCAST ULTRA Pellets - High Performance Organic Worm Fertiliser (500g)

WORMCAST ULTRA Pellets - High Performance Organic Worm Fertiliser (500g)

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Keep Calm and Grow Succulents 🌱

WORMCAST ULTRA Premium Organic Fertiliser is a natural, all-year-round fertiliser and soil conditioner suitable for use on all plants and trees.

A high performing, organically certified fertiliser that delivers key nutrients to plants and crops, while simultaneously improving soil structure and soil water retention capabilities through the growth of humus and beneficial microbes.

Key Benefits

Improved soil structure
Increased water retention
Stronger plant growth
Higher crop quality & yields
Natural & Organic
WORMCAST ULTRA Pellets are suitable for use on all home and garden plants, lawns and trees.

Microbe Concentrations

Contained within WORMCAST ULTRA fertiliser is an abundance of beneficial microbes including: Fungi – helps plant roots to expand, increases the efficiency of nutrient uptake and decreases water requirements on the plant. Bacteria – consumes organic matter and materials broken down by decomposing fungi with the soil, helping with nutrient cycling. Protozoa – converts nutrients from bacteria and fungi into a form usable by plants and delivering this close to the plant’s roots. Beneficial Nematodes – help fight off and consume harmful predatory nematodes within the soil, together with enhancing the soil’s ecosystem and nutrient availability for the plant. 


Due to the ability of microbes to increase nutrient availability within the soil the technical analysis of this product may be significantly lower than the actual nutrient availability (actual results being better) when the product is used and microbes are activated and develop within the soil.



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Fast delivery and excellent quality bags. Thanks team!

Jane Townsend, Perth 🇦🇺

Great quality product, very durable and perfect for growing we'll have heaps of spuds for New Year's.

David Gullison, Darwin 🇦🇺

Exactly what I wanted-excellent time delivery. Will let my friends know about it.

Wendy Black, Gold Coast 🇦🇺

Love these bags! Very good cannot wait to see how many potatoes I will end up with.

Jessica Williamson, Geelong 🇦🇺
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